The pandemic. Historic wildfires. Black Lives Matter uprisings. A divisive election.


2020 and 2021 have been a series of cascading catastrophic and momentous events like no other. How have they affected the people of Sonoma County? How have they affected you? Explore and contribute to our collection of writings, artwork, videos and more from local people in response to these historic challenges.



La pandemia. Incendios forestales históricos. Los levantamientos de Black Lives Matter. Una elección divisiva.


2020 y 2021 han sido una serie de eventos catastróficos y trascendentales en cascada como ningún otro. ¿Cómo han afectado a la gente del condado de Sonoma? ¿Cómo te han afectado? Explore y contribuya a nuestra colección de escritos, obras de arte, videos y más de la población local en respuesta a estos desafíos históricos.


On September 21, 2020, Sonoma County Library’s Special Collections launched Sonoma Responds: A Community Memory Archive, inviting Sonoma County residents to join together in sharing and preserving these stories in the archive, designated as the Sonoma Respond community collection, 2020-2021 (SPC.00115).


The collection preserves a local historical record of living through COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, wildfires, a consequential presidential election, and their impacts on everyday life.


By sharing and preserving these stories in the archive, our communities have a place to collectively reflect on their experiences while building a record of life in the age of social distancing.