The Sonoma Historian & The Journal

The Society published the first issue -- then known as the Journal (or the Journal of the Sonoma County Historical Society) -- with Volume 1, no. 1 in December 1962, which featured the Society's constitution and a list of charter members. The early issues consisted of several stapled sheets reproduced from typescript, but by 1967, themed issues with special covers began to appear. The volume numbering was dropped after Volume 10 in 1972, with subsequent issues identified by issue number within the year; issues have generally come out in March, June, September and December. With the 2002, no. 1 issue, the Journal became the Sonoma Historian. Lynn Downey is the current editor (see the Society's website for more information).


From the SCHS website:

The Sonoma County Historical Society (SCHS) promotes our diverse heritage through education, preservation, and community engagement. Since 1962, the Sonoma County Historical Society has been collecting, preserving and retelling Sonoma County's stories. From the quirky, clever, and downright scandalous personalities who shaped our county to the places and events that bore witness to spectacular milestones in our past, the SCHS celebrates our heritage -- while enriching our future.