Burbankiana includes a variety of photographs and other materials related to famed horticulturist and Santa Rosa resident, Luther Burbank. Items in this group are selected from several collections, including:

One of Burbank’s goals was to increase the world’s food supply by manipulating the characteristics of plants. Burbank developed an improved spineless cactus which could provide forage for livestock in desert regions. During his career, Burbank introduced more than 800 new varieties of plants — including over 200 varieties of fruits, many vegetables, nuts and grains, and hundreds of ornamental flowers.


Photo of Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank & Henry Ford, 1915

Edison, Burbank & Ford


Burbank was a friend of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and both men visited at the Burbank home. It was Burbank’s legacy that inspired Santa Rosa’s annual Rose Parade which celebrates Burbank’s memory and showcases the people and talents of the community.


On Burbank’s death in 1926 he was buried under the Cedar of Lebanon in his front yard. Luther Burbank Home & Gardens is located in downtown Santa Rosa, and has been named as a Registered National, State, City and Horticultural Historic Landmark.


(source: Luther Burbank Home & Gardens)